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How to use hashtags correctly
The second Senses guide to the best way to use hashtags
Hashtags in Senses are important for your Senses, so if you would like to get more coverage follow these guidelines.
Don't write more than five hashtags
We limit the number of hashtags per Sense. This is done primarily to reduce the amount of abuse of hashtags in order to maximize coverage.

We believe that five hashtags are more than enough to describe a Sense.
Don't use meaningless and non-specific hashtags
#design is a very common word, better specify what you mean, such as #designininterior #designnails #designnupdecoration #designapplications.

#we #me and other hashtags that don't carry any useful information are best avoided in order to use another hashtag for its intended purpose.

We're sure there are many more examples of common hashtags, but the general recommendation is not to use common ones.
Try to get into context
Remember that the first task of a hashtag is not to promote your sense, but to tell you what it's about. Senses do not rely solely on your hashtags, so if neural networks distribute your hashtag to some recommendations and your hashtags direct it to others, you simply lower the overall scoring of your sense and there is a chance that it will simply not make it into recommendations at all.
Hashtags are important at Senses
Hashtags do play a big role in Senses, but by no means the only one, so even if you publish a Sense completely without hashtags, it doesn't mean it won't get into recommendations. Hashtags just increase the accuracy of hitting your audience. But that's up to you.
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