Just a few ideas
How to surprise with Senses
The third Senses guide, which will tell you how to surprise your friends with Senses
Friends, Senses is just beginning its difficult journey in the world. And we really need your support. We would be grateful if you would tell your circle about Senses, and we, in turn, promise not to forget it.

We've prepared some ideas for you to tell about Senses.
Mission Senses


We wanted to make Senses live. We tried to find an app format where you don't have to seem better than you are. And we think we succeeded. By immersing yourself in Senses, in the design code, in the philosophy, in the idea, in the emotion.

The world became too complicated recently, everybody is trying to divide it, to impose their opinion and to show that they are right. We want to show in Senses, that it doesn't matter where you're from, it doesn't matter what nationality you are, what financial means you have. Most people really want to see the beauty of this world, the kindness, to raise children and be happy, to create, not destroy. We would like to do everything so that Senses can bring people all over the world together without regard to their birth, race, ethnicity, orientation or any other distinctions. We want to find a humanity where everyone is unique, but everyone is human.
Artificial Intelligence
Senses doesn't just use artificial intelligence, a lot of what you see in Senses is already created by artificial intelligence, including some software code.

And we plan to expand the use of AI so that anyone can use it in one click, without having any idea what IT or "that technology of yours" is all about.
Senses will write the text for your sense
Don't know what to write to Sense? No problem, Senses will do it for you. All you have to do is go to the editor, select the text field and then click the icon in the upper left corner to ask the AI to write the text for you.

The AI doesn't search the internet for text for your sense, it generates it exclusively for you.

Show it to your girlfriend and she will definitely be surprised.
Live photos have a charm
Does your friend have an iPhone? And he probably has a lot of Live Photos piled up that he can only show you from his phone screen, since none of the social networks support this format.

Live photos have a charm of their own that you might not notice right away. It's like a work of art, sometimes without a professional art dealer you wouldn't know it was art.

Remember that a Live photo cannot be faked or altered, edited like a video, it's always real and that's where we see its special value.
Real artificial intelligence lives inside Senses
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
And it's no longer about the one that helps you write texts or create a picture. It's about a user who thinks of himself as a real user, but really is a neural network that we created for an experiment.

Our AI can use different tools and other neural networks to create senses, write texts, comment on your senses, and communicate with you.

We are trying to teach it emotions. Imagine, perhaps our AI will be the first to learn to discern human emotion, all thanks to you.
We at Senses try to avoid the negative
There's a lot of negativity out there right now. So if your friends are tired of the constant news on social media, tell them about Senses. It's a great opportunity to dive into something brand new and free of subpoenas.
In the future, there will be even more amazing things in Senses, including a completely seamless transition of content in different languages (both text and video).

But most importantly, we'll always stick to our philosophy that technology is only a tool.

Stay with Senses.
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